Automotive window tinting foil
2016-02-07 19:20

Car window films help protect you and your vehicle from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Tinted windows also give a more elegant and attractive look to your car. The protective effect of the tinted foils against heat gain may result in your car’s decreased fuel consumption. Window films also offer protection upon accidental or deliberate breaking of the windows against shattered glass, making breaking into your car more difficult.

Our company has been dealing with car window tinting for 22 years. We use certified materials from America. We provide technical specifications for our works and offer a warranty.

Key characteristics of automotive window films

  • glare protection
  • protection against heat gain
  • protection against extreme UV radiation
  • shatter and break-in protection

Our window foils

Skyfol RS series

The basic – RS – foils filter UV rays and rays of the visible spectrum, without decreasing your sense of heat.


Skyfol HP series

The mid-range – HP – materials also keep a large portion of the radiated heat out of the car and not just UV radiation and visible light. Currently this range is the most popular due to its aesthetic appearance and practical advantages that make it an economical solution.


Skyfol NT series

The high-end – NT – foils are likewise very popular; they are the fruits of our latest developments. Their unparalleled heat reflective capability greatly improves the comfort of passengers.

These window foils practically protect us from the harmful radiation of the Sun in an undetectable manner.


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