Chip protection foil
2016-02-07 19:26

Quick and virtually invisible protection.

This is used to prevent chipping of the paintwork and abrasive damage caused by wrong parking manoeuvres.

It is able to protect all surfaces, where the paintwork could be damaged due to getting into the vehicle, loading the vehicle, or nail scratchings.

Our company has been applying protective foils on cars for 10 years and we have gained vast experience and enormous knowledge of the materials used.

The chip protection foil is a colourless and extremely pure PU film whose special topcoat adds a fantastic extra gloss to the car’s paintwork.

The currently very fashionable matte effect may also be achieved, as chip protection foils with this type of texture are also available. This – leaving the original paintwork intact – may render the entire body work matted.

Beside cars, chip protection foils may be used to protect bicycles, motorcycles and even touch screen devices.

It offers added protection to car lights.

Úgy tapasztaljuk ,hogy a jelenlegi búrák felületvédelme siralmas, 3-5 év alatt megmattulnak, illetve a mikroszennyeződések miatt komoly sérüléseket szenvednek.

Based on our experience, surface protection for currently available vehicle lights is deplorable; they get matted in 3-5 years and suffer heavy damage from micro-contaminants.



An economic surface protection solution. It may be applied as a high gloss and matte colourless coat. It is moderately suitable for chip protection purposes. A 2 year warranty is offered on the film.


A polyurethane material imported from America. This film ensures a high gloss, high purity, elegant appearance. It provides adequate protection against chipping. A 4 year warranty is offered on the film.


A high end stone chipping and abrasion protective film. It is a professional protective polyurethane foil of layered structure with high tear strength. It has a high self-corrective capability. A 6 year warranty is offered on the film.

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