Protective foil against heat gain and glare
2016-02-07 19:38

Architectural foiling is used to improve or completely eliminate the negative properties of glass surfaces of buildings.
The negative features of glass surfaces are overheating and an extreme influx of light and UV radiation.

Our protective foils against heat gain and glare

  • may be applied indoors or outdoors
  • are available in many colours and may change the image of the building
  • have varying light transmission properties
  • depending on their production technologies, they may be capable of absorbing or reflecting heat
  • drastically reduce the energy costs of the building

Each project starts by an assessment of the building with regards to its orientation, its material structure and the intentions of the customer. Our instrumentation helps our work greatly even at this early stage – from devices to measuring the thickness of the glass panes to light spectrum analysers. Glass production is currently experiencing increasingly dynamic growth, parallel to which demand for outdoor foils grows in a similar trend. These may be as much as 30% more efficient as their indoor equivalents as they reflect the majority of the absorbed heat outwards. All of our building foils are tested and certified products.

The final phase of foiling a building is, in each case, the issuance of the corresponding Certificate containing all important information and serving as an indemnity bond at the same time.

Depending on the type, warranties of 5-10 years on indoor foils and 1-5 years on outdoor foils are available respectively.


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